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The HP-41 CV for your Cell Phone

The HP-41 CV was the best and handiest Pocket Calculation in the 90’st. (Part of the Apollo missions!)
A UPN calculation with the same genial handling is now available for Windows Phone and Windows Store.
For all users, not familiar with the UPN Concept, a Basic course with examples is included.
In addition simple calculation can be done in a mode without UPN.

The most functions of the HP 41 CV are available free.
In addition statistic functions, programmability, persistent Key assignment and new functions like robust static and quality control charts can be bought as option.

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Nine Mans Morris, the classic board game.
Play against your friend or play against the computer.
Play with or without time limit.
But play !!!

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Remove all balls by clicking on groups of same Color. The remaining Balls will fall down to close the gap. They will not move to the side but you can turn the board. Try to remove all balls with a minimum of hits. You can select the number of balls between 25 and 100. For hitting one big Group you get more Points than for many hitting a small one

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Use your mobile as picture frame.
You don’t telephone all the time. Why not placing the mobile on your desk in the meantime and let it show you some pictures of you sweat hard?
In addition it can show the time as analog clock or via indicators.
You can customize the App.
show or hide the analog clock
show seconds
show or hide the indicator bars
use LED’s with two, four or eight colors to show the time
create your own slide show
change the presentation order
change the iteration time
add or remove slides
you can use all pictures from your local media library
If you are used to this app, you won’t miss it. Give it a try.

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Tower of Hanoi

The classic game now for Windows Phone 7.
Move the disks from the right tower to the left. You can move only free disks and they can be placed only on a free tower or on a bigger disk.
If you have three disks you can make it with seven moves but already with five disk at least 31 moves are needed.
Try to move the disks with a minimum of moves and be quick.
The number of disks can be increased to up to 64 and if you don’t know how to continue you can use the auto complete function.

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